Monday, May 31, 2010


I've gotten a bit behind on my blogging so this is semi-old news....but regardless of that this deserves to be blogged about, my techni-colour dream cake was a massive success.

With the help of a couple of gorgeous cousins the cake was assembled and transported with minimal difficulty and cut and served with maximum success!

Getting the chocolate pebbles on the sides was a highlight, we began by throwing them at the still sticky frosting until L came up with an innovative idea and sort of spatulared them on.

I was so thrilled when it was cut and three perfect rainbow layers appeared (instead of the brown blobby mess I was expecting) that I proceeded to do a screaming victory lap of the party and then sit down to sign autographs on people's napkins.

Possible the proudest moment in my life, not sure that childbirth will even compare ;)


  1. yum!!! how?!! i must know your secrets!! looks amazing congrats :) xx

  2. it was really easy actually! I might post the details up here and share with the world! It's all about the food colouring :)