Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Too Cool for School...(Prawns) & a Visit to the Colonel

Firstly a gripe. A newly engaged colleague of mine (we'll call him DPB) was telling me of a recent experience at one of Melbourne's most popular eateries. DPB and his fiancé were given a substantial gift certificate to said eatery and as regular customers decided to make use of it straight away. They enjoyed a lovely meal (no one is arguing with the quality of the food) but could only manage to spend half of the voucher in one sitting. After handing over the voucher to settle the bill DPB and his betrothed were informed that they were "all square" and they could be on their merry way. "Pardon me my good man," said DPB "but I believe you are mistaken. Our gift certificate was for x amount, we spent y amount, are we not therefore owed z amount?". "No," replied the waiter, "we don't re-issue certificates for balances unspent. If we did that we would be constantly writing certificates!" ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME????

1. This is the most absurd policy I have ever heard of.
2. Surely it is not only absurd but illegal
3. They have lost a good customer because of this.

The restaurant has received the "y" amount paid by DPB's generous friends, therefore they are entitled to goods and services equal to that amount. The audacity and arrogance on display here beggars belief as far as I'm concerned and they won't be getting my custom anytime soon either! I don't mind queuing for a table (although this particular diner does take bookings), I am happy to fork over hundreds for a meal but what I get in return had better be worth it. Technically being asked to spend $300 on what would otherwise cost $150 just because you have a certificate is utter stupidity. Luckily the happy couple had the good sense to order up on the drinks...and leave them on the bar.

On a happier note - who's paid a visit to colonel tan's? The funky little Thai restaurant at revolver upstairs is going great guns. The food is simply fresh and delicious. Order the Bangkok bolognese and a refreshing cocktail, you shan't be disappointed. Sit at the bar or pull up a couch. Thursday night is locals night (that's tomorrow!) so if you live in the south yarra/Prahran area be sure to take your license for a discount. This little gem pumps new life into the term cheap & cheerful.

Colonel Tan's
@ Revolver Upstairs
229 Chapel Street
Prahran 3181
9521 5985