Thursday, May 6, 2010


Sometimes being married to a chef SUCKS!

Occasionally I have the urge to cook for my husband. Once I made a roast chicken with special stuffing that went under the skin on top of the breast meat. It took me all day and was pretty adventurous for my cooking abilities. H ate it and said 'my only criticism is that there was too much prosciutto in the stuffing...stunned silence. 'Your ONLY criticism?' I asked, 'why must there be a criticism, why not just say thank you?'. I swore I'd never cook again.

Having forgiven this past assassination on my cooking character I gave it another go with one of my mum's old recipes, tuna and spinach crepes. 'Needs pepper' were the only words uttered. After a few choice swear words I again swore off cooking for good...until last night.

As previously mentioned I had two dear friends over for a meal. Not wanting them to be disappointed with their allocated chef for the evening I spent the entire day slaving away to make a meal worthy of them. I even went to South Melbourne Market, which usually scares me!

The feast consisted of a roast garlic, thyme and marscapone risotto with toasted almonds and breadcrumbs followed by a pecan pie MADE FROM SCRATCH - yes pastry too (pictured)! The PHD and the Actress seemed very impressed, damn it they WERE impressed and I must say, so was I. In fact I felt so confident that I spooned the left over serve of risotto into a bowl and cut a piece of the special pie. H arrived home after I was asleep last night so I didn't get the verdict until this afternoon and while he liked the pie (he never seems to have an issue with my baked goods) the risotto was just 'ok'. IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK THAT HE JUST LIE TO ME???? I know he's a chef and will always know better than me but if he wants to avoid a punch in the lunch he's going the wrong way about it!

Anyway, rant over. I love you babe but next time please just say thanks!

In other cooking escapades I gave the rainbow sponge a go in hot pink...success! Looking forward to constructing the whole thing.

In a completely unrelated topic I am considering selling my wedding dress. It seems like a really sensible idea one minute and then the saddest thing the next. Has anyone done it? Regrets? Let me know.


  1. I understand why people hang on to their wedding dresses, as a kind of nostalgic gesture and of course for their children (daughters). My grandmother's wedding dress has been worn by both my mother and my aunt and I hope to shed tonnes of weight and wear it one day as well. Having said that though, I can also see why one would want to sell it as they do tend to lie around gathering dust for year's on end and the chances of your daughter finding your dress cool (let alone wearable) in 20-odd years are slim to none. I think it's a very personal choice. Either way, make sure you are comfortable with the decision before you go ahead with it. xxx
    PS: If Hayden keeps being so mean about your food, maybe you will find it easier to sell the dress!

  2. HILARIOUS! I hate cooking for H. He says it's GREAT because he's not cooking, but I feel like a kitchen hand. Sigh. You're damned if you do you're damned if you don't. ♥

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  4. My Mum made her wedding dress during the war with help and coupons from her friends. Rhon and I both wore it for our weddings - we were very lucky that it fitted us and if my girls want to wear it, it is waiting for them. But even if they don't want to wear it even if it doesn't fit, for a young girl to try on and hold her mother's wedding dress, to imagine and dream, and even to laugh at the funny fashions of the time and look at the photos and hear the stories.... Lilian's Mum thinks you should keep it.

    May 9, 2010 4:25 PM

  5. Leah, your picture frightened me. I thought it was a picture of lung tissue, but I was reassured at least it looked like healthy lung tissue.
    It wasn't until I read the blog I realised what it was. The curse of being a nurse
    Loving your blog