Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Friends in High Places

Most of my closest friends are those who I have known my entire life. Friends from school or family friends have turned into successful adult relationships. This morning I had an email from one such friend informing me that she had started a blog, inspired by my bravery. This particular gal pal has spent the past few years living and working in Freetown, Sierre Leone...and she thinks I'm brave?

This got me thinking, so many people I know are doing much more interesting, brave things than me and what interesting blogs their lives would make!

Earlier this year one friend was treading the boards with Geoffrey Rush for the Melbourne Theatre Company, another is completing his PHD at Cambridge on full scholarship, one is a successful electrician whose beautiful wife works in shoes...SHOES! Another has the most beautiful baby girl in the world and one living and working in Japan. I have cousins writing novels, following their dreams at fashion week, being nurses and teachers and saving the world! Such exciting, interesting people who I have known since childhood, it is a real joy to be part of their lives (and it doesn't hurt that they provide good blog material!)

So the PHD is home from Cambridge for a few days and tonight he and the Actress are coming to my house for dinner - although most people would be disappointed to come to a chef's house to have his wife cook for them these two have known me long enough to know what to expect...take away. Just kidding, I will cook!!

These two lovelies have been friends since school days, I've known and loved them even longer than H! In fact if it weren't for the Actress I doubt I'd be married to him now! After breaking up with him, when I was all of 15 years old, and then realising I still liked him the famous C was the one who asked H if he hated me (on my request) and that paved the way for a reconciliation that has not faltered for almost 11 years.

I have so many people to be proud of, what a lucky girl I am.


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  1. Awww... I am proud of you too xxx PS: So proud in fact, I have put you as the first blog on my blog roll =)