Monday, May 10, 2010

"I'm No Good At Weddings"

Many will recognise the title of this blog as a line from The Simpsons, uttered by a blubbering Moe Syzlak. Well, I am also no good at weddings, but I'm even worse at good byes.

Last month my sister left for her UK working holiday. I did not expect to get emotional for a few reasons: 1. She was meant to leave 3 weeks earlier but was delayed due to that oh so funny Icelandic volcano, so there was a big build up and a bit of an anti-climax. 2. I was really happy and excited for her, I've done it and it was the best experience of my life, nothing sad about it (except coming home) 3. I like to think of myself as a pretty cool customer, nothing phases me, I'm worldly and smart and oh so chic...BAH! I'm just lying to myself on that one!

When it came time to wave little sis off through those big doors we (being H and my parents) looked over to her travel companion who was in tears bidding her also very teary family adieu and laughed quietly to ourselves about how unemotional we all were...I think I was still laughing when I realised I was crying. It was big sobby crying too, much to the chagrin of H who muttered something about me being a two pot screamer. Yes, I admit, I had two ciders at dinner but I'm afraid this is not why I was so upset, I am just no good at good byes.

I hate the feeling of not knowing when I'll see someone again. Our last few days in London were particularly emotional, as was the last time I saw my girl HJ in Canada.

That was two years ago and now all it takes is a glance at a photo or an sms from my long lost friends to bring me undone...missing people is much worse than saying goodbye to them.

So we've decided enough is enough, WE'RE GOING TO LONDON!!! I am over the moon, crazy, freak out excited. We're going for two weeks in October (two weeks if H manages to drag me back onto the plane that it!)

More details to come but it is going to be a holiday filled with great food, fantastic friends, OH and of course a couple of days in Paris...before we have to say goodbye again :(

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  1. I so feel your pain on the goodbye front! But very very happy you are going to England and Paris! Enjoy enjoy enjoy! xxx