Monday, August 30, 2010

I am the (equal) Champion

I won the office footy tipping comp! Can you believe it? Yes you say? Well, did I mention I know NOTHING about football?

I have put this win down to pure luck and a good understanding of statistics and probability (one of the few mathematics subjects I received good grades in at school!).

Unfortunately one other colleague also achieved the awesome score of 120 so the prize was split in half however my winnings will still bump my London shopping fund up significantly.

H does not follow football at all. I asked him over the weekend, what if we have a child who is very interested in football, would he become a follower to support our child's interests? He said that by the looks of my tipping scores I could take that job. I reminded him that this win does not mean I can teach our kids anything about football, just about gambling...we're going to make fantastic parents!

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