Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Year Older...

Birthdays used to be such an event for me. I would let everyone know months in advance, how many sleeps until I'm another year older...that was until I turned 25. After gathering a few friends together for "a few quiet drinks" I proceeded to write myself off and behave so badly that I honestly feel I don't deserve to celebrate the momentous date anymore.

That was two years ago. I turned 27 last Monday, and much like last year it was very quiet, with next to no fanfare. Some people I know will disagree with me here but I'm really not much for being the centre of attention so this suited me just fine.

H decided Sunday was too nice a day to mope so dragged me out for a pre-birthday afternoon drinky poos. We took a short stroll in the sunshine to the Cherry Tree Hotel in Richmond. Situated next to the old Rosella Complex the pub was light and airy and really quiet for an afternoon so suited to kicking back with your bestie and enjoying a few boutique brews. I made quite good friends with the Knappstien Reserve Lager. Not a cheap shout at $10.00 a bottle but thoroughly worth it and my new favourite!

The Cherry Tree put us in a very good mood and we skipped home (still in the sunshine) making garlands from overhanging vines and acting like a couple of tipsy twenty somethings...H has the photos to prove it. We promptly decided the Cherry Tree is our new 'local' and will be spending many a Sunday arvo there - come and join us anytime!

After such a stunning pre-birthday celebration I hardly expected Monday to surpass Sunday, especially(as my fellow Melburnians will confirm) the temperature was set to soar into the mid 40s and I don't do well in the heat. However, much to my surprise and delight halfway through the sweltering workday my mum and little sister (who also work in hospitality - our family business in one of Victoria's top tourist destinations) appeared to whisk me off for a seafood lunch...not too shabby. Not to mention a delivery of my favorite roses from H!

By the time work was over the mercury sat at about 43 degrees and our plans for a quick Vietnamese and a movie were looking pretty grand. H and I headed to Victoria Street in Richmond for a delicious meal - it never disappoints, where else can you eat so much you feel like exploding and walk away having paid less than $50 for two? Codo is our fave, tiny, busy, really really yummy.

So all in all a pretty fab and low key birthday - drinks, seafood, gorgeous flowers, Vietnamese, great movie (The Lovely Bones - THOROUGHLY recommend) OH and a homemade strawberry tart by a word class chef...doesn't get much better!

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  1. Gorgeous Blog by a Gorgeous Girl.
    i am looking forward to reading more secret life - it's so beautifully written

  2. I agree, this really is beautifully written... also, love the pic of you with the big beer jug! I want to option the TV rights!!


  3. You're on Eric, you'll have to move here though!